Tech Station / Bench Rig Part 2 – Building the Table!

Tech Station Bench Rig Second Shelf

Alright guys, I wasn’t planning on doing this until next week but the urge hit me  early this morning so I decided to knock out Part 2 of How-To Build a Tech Station / Bench Rig!  Here’s a link to Part 1 of Building a Tech Station / Bench Rig



Tech Station Bench Rig Parts

We have here 5/16 drill bit (Actually already had one just didn’t look before I went o the hardware store 🙁 ), a pen, a “Create-a-Bolt” kit (I used 2), but any set of washers and bolts will do, some floor protectors, some threaded rod (12 inches), and 2 pieces of board that I picked up from the as-is section of IKEA for a dollar each.  The thing on the top right is a sort of dolly that the whole thing can sit on and spin and be maniupated, so I didn’t have to install permanent casters.

Step 1:

Tech Station Bench Rig Safety Glasses

SAFETY FIRST.  Put on your glasses! You’ll be messing with both wood and metal here!!

Step 2:

Tech Station Bench Rig Marking Holes

Mark the holes.  I used a washer to mark where to drill.  I’m sure there’s many more precise ways of doing it, but this worked out fine.

Step 3: (Not pictured, sorry!)

Drill out the holes.  My Cordless 18v ate this particle board like butter.

Step 4:

Tech Station Bench Rig Lining Up Holes

Insert the threaded rods and get the holes lined up.  I actually only pre-drilled 1 hole in the second sheet, and used the rods to keep everything in place and just drilled straight through the second sheet.  I’m sure with some good clamps you can drill through both sheets right at the beginning with no hassle.


Tech Station Bench Rig Attaching Rod

Use your lock washers and nuts to attach the rods to the bottom board.

Step 6:

Tech Station Bench Rig Second Shelf

Using washers and a nut, make a shelf for the second board.  I chose about 8″ between the bottom and top, totally up to you how much space to leave.  The great thing about this style of shelf is it’s 100% adjustable.

Step 7:

Tech Station Bench Rig Need a Trim

Install the second shelf.  Use lock washers and nuts like before.  Looks like the top needs a trim!

Step 8 (Not pictured, again sorry! only have two hands!)

Cut off of the tops of the rods and grind down all the sharp/protruding edges, you’ll end up with:

Tech Station bench Rig Grinded Down


And that’s it, you’re almost done!  Part 3 of building a Tech Station / Bench Rig will go over attaching the motherboard tray and some other goodies to get it in usable condition!

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