Turtle Beach Z300 Wireless Gaming Headset Review

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ModCrash Reviews the Turtle Beach Z300 Wireless Gaming Headset

Turtle Beach Z300 Headset Performance and Other Information


Sound and Mic Quality

The sound quality of the Turtle Beach Z300 I thought was pretty good but not great. The only reason I can’t say it was great is it lacked bass. Installing the Dolby drivers and using the tone presets helped but it just seemed to be missing that deep bass. When playing Battlefield 4 I could hear foot steps coming in the correct direction which was a huge plus over my Razer Carcharias.

The mic quality was great pure and simple. The feedback system that Turtle Beach added to this headset made it easy to make sure you were talking loud enough or not. Talking over Skype, TeamSpeak, in game chat, or Bluetooth on a phone was very clear and crisp. The removable boom mic made it easy to move back and forth for when I wanted to use the microphone or not.

Physical Comfort

The Turtle Beach Z300 headset is not the biggest or smallest headset I have tested but a very comfortable middle. The ear cups were large enough that my whole ear can fit in them comfortably. After a Netflix marathon of House of Cards I didn’t have any discomfort from wearing them. The Z300 headset is comfortable enough that I would get up from my desk forgetting to take them off which to me shows how comfortable they are.

If you have purchased or used the Turtle Beach XP400 or PX4 headset for the Xbox 360 or PS3 respectively then the Z300 should be familiar to you.

Battery Life and Charging

The Z300 headset is rated at 15 hours of battery life and I put it that to the test. While putting this headset though its paces I tested to see how long the battery would last with non-stop use. To make sure I was giving the headset the best chance to succeed I left it on the charger until I was ready and started up the second season of House of Card on Netflix. House of Cards episodes were about 50 minutes each. I would take breaks to play games or get something to eat but the headset never turned off. I made it though the whole second season before I got the dreaded “Battery Low”. All in all the headset clocked in about 13 hours of use in one day before the battery got low. While this was about 2 hours shy of what Turtle Beach put on the box it was still impressive.

When it starts telling you the battery is low is that you have about 5 minutes before the headset shuts off. The Z300 headset does have an auto off feature that initiates after about 4 minutes of no use.

Wireless Range

I would not call the wireless range of the Z300 headset the greatest but in comparison to the the typical 6 ft. cord it is by far superior. I measured about 30 ft. with line of sight to the transceiver and about 20 ft. without line of sight. This could differ depending on the environment you use this headset in. When I was tested I measured until I heard distortions in the sound, not till the headset lost sound all together.

Other Important Information about the Turtle Beach Z300 Headset

Turtle Beach Z300 Dolby Surround Sound Drivers

Download the drivers to your Turtle Beach Z300 headset here because you are going to want them. It makes a big difference is how this headset performs having the drivers vs. without drivers so before you do anything make sure you have installed them. It is also a good idea to make sure you go into the properties of your headset and make sure the Dolby box is checked. The drivers are compatible for Windows 7, Window 8, and Windows 8.1. If you are on Windows XP, Vista, or a Mac then you won’t get the benefit of 7.1 surround sound but only stereo sound.

Turtle Beach Z300 Wireless Gaming Headset Properties

Turtle Beach Z300 Wireless Gaming Headset Properties

How to Pair the Turtle Beach Z300 headset with your Cell Phone

1. On the Z300, press and hold the Bluetooth Button for five seconds until the flashing Bluetooth LED is alternating blue and red. Release the button. A voice prompt in the Z300 headset will confirm “Bluetooth pairing.”

2. On your Bluetooth enabled device, activate the Bluetooth mode and search for Bluetooth devices as described in the device user manual.

3. When your device is finished scanning, select “TURTLE BEACH Z300” from the list and follow the prompts to connect.

4. If necessary, enter “0000” as the Pass Key and select “OK.” The Z300 headset voice prompt announces “Bluetooth paired” when the Z300 is successfully paired with your device.

Also the Z300 can be simultaneously paired to two Bluetooth-enabled devices at once. For example, you can pair the Z300 to a digital music player or tablet and your mobile phone at the same time. If your mobile phone is also a digital music player, you can stream music to your headset as well. The Z300 will automatically remember the last two paired devices upon powering on. NOTE: Only one Bluetooth device can be active on the headset at a time. For example, if you are making a ca

How to Pair the Turtle Beach Z300 headset with the Transceiver

1)  Turn off the headset by pressing the headset Power button for 3 seconds. The LED on the headset should be completely off when it is powered down.

2)  Unplug the transmitter’s USB power cable to power it down. Wait 3 seconds and then plug the power cable back in. The transmitter’s Power/Link LED should now be pulsing slowly on and off.

3)  Hold down the transmitter’s Pair button for about 5 seconds. Release the Pair button when the transmitter’s Power/Link LED begins to flash rapidly (twice per second). It should now be blinking quickly and steadily twice per second. If it is blinking much more than 2 times per second, the button was held for much too long (15+ seconds), and you must start over from Step 2.

4)  With the headset still powered off, hold down the headset’s Power button for about 6 seconds until you hear the second double-beep. The headset’s Power LED should now be blinking rapidly like the transmitter (twice per second). The LED should not be blinking in a heartbeat pattern (two quick blinks followed by a pause). If it is blinking in a heartbeat pattern, then the button was not held long enough, and you must start over from Step 1.

5)  Wait about 10 to 15 seconds. The transmitter’s Power/Link LED should be on solid, and the headset’s Power LED should now be flashing steadily once per second. This means the headset is now paired to the transmitter and is ready to play game audio.


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