VisionTek 26 Piece Toolkit Review

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The VisionTek 26 Piece Toolkit for PC Builders, Upgrades and Mods

VisionTek 26 Piece Toolkit Case

First Look

I do a lot of system builds, upgrades and mods, so tools mean everything to me. When looking to buy any new tool to add to my bench I look for a couple of things right away. Some things to look for are size, durability, magnetic tips on the screw drivers and grips. So naturally, when we received the VisionTek 26 Piece Toolkit for PC Builders, I looked for all of those. All I can say is good job VisionTek, and this is why

VisionTek 26 Piece Toolkit In Case

VisionTek 26 Piece Toolkit In Case

VisionTek 26 Piece Toolkit Contents

VisionTek 26 Piece Toolkit

VisionTek 26 Piece Toolkit

The kit has almost everything that I would want to do a new build, upgrade or partial mods. It has magnetic tip screwdrivers which is a plus when it comes to builds, a socket set, 10 piece bit set, tweezers, pliers and cutters.

VisionTek 26 Piece Toolkit for PCs
Screw Drivers Straight Blade 1.6mm Screwdriver
Straight Blade 2.0mm Screwdriver
Straight Blade 2.4mm Screwdriver
Straight Blade 3.0mm Screwdriver
Phillips #0 Screwdriver
Phillips #1 Screwdriver
Socket Set Socket & Bit Driver Handle
Socket Driver Extension Shaft
5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm Sockets
10 Piece Bit Group 5mm, 6mm Flat Blades
#1, #2 Phillips Screwdriver Bits
T10, T15, T20 Torx Bits
#1, #2 Pozidriv Bits
Socket Adapter
Plier, Wire Cutter, Tweezer 5″ Spring-load Needle Nose Pliers
4.5″ Spring-load Wire Cutter
Case Embroidered Nylon Carrying Case with Carrying Handle
Warranty One Year

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