Water Cooling: A quick diagram for a cpu / gpu loop.

A quick Diagram of a custom water cooled loop for your cpu and gpu

Recently I was asked for a diagram of a  typical water cooling  loop that would include a cpu and gpu. So, I made a post describing the best possible flow to include a processor and video card.

This is only for a single video card, and not intended for an SLI or Crossfire setup.

  1. The starting point for a loop always starts with your reservoir. From the output, you would go to your pump. If you have a pump/res combo, continue to step 3.
  2. From your pump, you want to then go directly to your processor. This ensures that you are getting the coolest water over your cpu. The reservoir has collected cool water coming from your radiator and has had a chance to cool off before recirculating through the loop.
  3. From the cpu, you want to take the loop into another radiator. Generally, in a single video card setup, a 120mm radiator should be fine with a push/pull configuration.
  4. From the radiator, you will now bring cool water over your gpu.
  5. Next from the output of the video card waterblock, you will go into your main radiator.
  6. Last go from the radiator to the reservoir.
A quick Diagram of a custom water cooled loop for your cpu and gpu

That completes the loop. Again, I cannot stress this enough. This is not for an SLI or Crossfire setup. If you have a either of those, you will need to add a second pump into the system. To place that pump in, you will go from your video cards to the secondary pump, and then to your main radiator.

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