World of Warplanes Open Beta has Kicked Off

World of Warplanes

You can now get into the World of Warplanes Open Beta

World of Warplanes is the next big free MMO from that has finally gone from a closed beta to an open beta. During the closed beta reported that over 2.7 million applications for access to the closed beta were submitted from 194 countries worldwide.

The game itself features warplane from the 1930s to the 1950s. You have four different countries to pick from to level up your planes. These countries are the United States, Soviet Union, Germany, and Japan. Each tech tree per county has ten levels of planes ranging from bi-planes to jet powered. Matches currently are setup for 15 vs. 15 player on player matches with multiple maps depending on which level plane you are flying. Also for the more in-depth players you will have the choices between ammunition, crew skills, consumables to name a few. If you are new to the World of Warplanes then you will also have a tutorial you can do to help master your flying skills.

One other thing is if you are an avid World of Tanks then towards the official launch of World of Warplanes, will be launching their Unified Premium Account system so that if you do have premium you can extend it for both titles. Now unconfirmed if that if you did get access to the open beta then when the official launch of World of Warplanes comes around you will be receiving some sort of prize. As stated this is just a rumor and could be nothing to it.

If you are looking to sign up to play World of Warplanes then head over to here to get started. You can also visit for more information and the latest news about the game. If you are located in Europe then you may want to go to instead.

Dorkstar and I have been playing this pretty much since the closed beta started as we were lucky enough to get a code for the close beta. I will say one thing about this game is that even in a closed beta World of Warplanes was about 90% their. It did have its bugs and needed a few things changed but they game for the most part has been playing flawlessly for Dorkstar and I. I would highly recommend this game if you are looking for a flight sim but want to go head to head with people.

World of Warplanes Open Beta

World of Warplanes Open Beta

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