Current Gaming Headsets Not Compatible With Xbox One Voice Chat

Xbox One Voice Chat - Controller

Current Gaming Headsets Not Compatible With Xbox One Voice Chat

According to the folks over at IGN, Gaming Headsets used on the Xbox 360 will not be compatible with the XBox One voice chat.  While the truthfulness of that sentence can be debated assuming we actually see an adapter in the future, there are some underlying issues.  The port itself is different, and the technologies behind the sound delivery are also different.  So while we may see an adapter, the quality of sound and new technologies will likely not be  compatible with your current Gaming Headset.

Xbox One Voice Chat - Controller

New audio port on Xbox One Controller renders Voice chat inoperable.

New Technologies That Render Your Gaming Headset Obsolete

With the Xbox One voice chat, there are new formats that prevent current headsets from being compatible with player chat.  For instance, the Xbox One voice chat will provide stereo audio in game.  This means that you can hear the direction your team mate is speaking from if you have multi-channel audio or a stereo headset.  The current voice chat audio used with the Xbox 360 only support mono audio.  The only exception is Arma II which allows you to hear the direction other players are speaking from, however that’s rendered through Arma’s software.  Microsoft plans to incorporate that into every game on the Xbox One.

In-game audio will still be compatible with previous headsets, however the new technology may not work properly on these earlier headsets.  We still don’t know the specifics but they’re slowly coming to light.

Details still aren’t fully released yet on the improvements with the Xbox One voice chat and audio advancements.  However, Microsoft has come out and said, “We are working with 3rd party headset manufacturers to create new headsets that will take full advantage of the Xbox One technology.”  The technology is thought to possibly contain noise cancellation similar to that of cell phones and other audio products today.  The biggest issue with the advancement of this type product is that the third-party headset manufacturers will now need to purchase new licenses and authentication protocols, potentially driving up the cost for consumers.

Microsoft has announced that they will partner with turtle beach and other select manufacturers so that headsets will be immediately available at release.



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