Kinect for Xbox One Coming to PC

Microsoft Xbox One

Microsoft’s Kinect Program Manager confirms Xbox One’s Kinect coming to PC

With the new Xbox One being revealed to the public their are alot of questions still surrounding everything it will be capable of. We have learned that the Xbox One’s Kinect will be 1080p running at 30 FPS and has been upgraded to take advantage of full voice and gesture controls for the upcoming Xbox One. The original Kinect that you can currently buy for about $97 can work with a PC. You can download software and do some modding to get it to work with Windows or games. While this was not the original intention it is like an Xbox controller in that it will work with software and you just need to modify the controls to what game you are playing.

Xbox One Kinect

Xbox One Kinect

Now the reason we know the Xbox One’s Kinect will be coming to PC is because of Microsoft’s Kinect program manager Scott Evans said, “We will bring this to PC, and we will have information soon”. This was later confirmed by Microsoft’s corporate nice president Ben Kilgore. He also added to that statement with, “the Windows release would be at some point down the line.”

Now currently we do not even know the release date for the Xbox One, just that it will be released this year. One can assume that with huge upcoming titles such as Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts set to release in October and November respectively and both confirmed for the Xbox One that it will be sometime before then. Now as to speculation of when the Kinect for PC will be a done deal could be around the same time or months after, it just all depends on Microsoft’s schedule. Overall the Kinect on PC could be an interesting thing with full support from Microsoft. You might have to be inventive to use the Kinect with your PC but it could broaden what a PC could do with the voice and gesture commands especially with how Windows 8 Metro GUI is set up for touchscreen you could possibly turn any PC into a quasi touch screen for better control over the Metro GUI.

Any thoughts or ideas on how you would use the Kinect? Let us know!


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