QNIX QX2700 LED 27″ LCD, IPS display straight from Korea

QNIX QX2700 Packaged

Whats up guys! Omning here to bring another review, this time for my new LCD Monitor- the QNIX QX2700 LED 27″, straight from Korea.  This one of the popular IPS displays coming out of Korea on eBay for super cheap- and it does NOT disappoint!  Read on for my full opinion of the QNIX QX2700 LED 27′.


QNIX QX2700 LED 27″ Overview:

I purchased this from an eBay seller for $325 (USD) including shipping.  The QX2700 arrived within a week (about 5 days including weekend) which I thought was impressive!  I went with the non-tempered glass version and the regular 60hz version. The specs from the eBay listing are:


Not bad for $325, and directly comparable to some name-brand $800+ displays such as Dell and Apple.


QNIX QX2700 LED Box and Packaging:

The box came slightly beat up, but in my area that’s totally on-par for UPS.  The box has both Korean and English text and it’s completely non important but here’s pics anyway 🙂

qnix QX2700 LED review Boxqnix QX2700 LED review box specsIf you’re like me and used to a 23″ LCD or smaller, the shear magnitude of how large a 27″ screen is doesn’t really set in until you see the box sitting there.  Upon opening the box you’ll see the QNIX QX2700 LED nicely cushioned by standard Styrofoam packing materials:

QNIX QX2700 Packaged

Also in the box are the stand, and power brick/cable, US power adapter and DVI cable- which was thick and of very nice quality.

qnix qx2700 LED stand

qnix QX2700 LED review in the box

And finally here’s a general size picture.  That’s a normal sized can of Coke Zero, a 24″ and a big hulking beast of a man in the reflection, just for your information:

QNIX qx2700 LED size comparison

QNIX QX2700 LED 27″Assembly, Installation, Construction and Bezel:

 Assembly went exactly as expected.  I took the plastic off of the stand, and dropped the QNIX QX2700 LED 27″ down into it, plugged in the inputs, tilted it to my liking and went about my business.  No fuss at all.  I believe now is a great time to mention the stand;  Almost universally people complain about the stands from these cheap IPS displays, and I’ll admit it, if you hit it or touch the screen or whatever you’re going to get quite a bit of wobble.  As I’m sitting here typing (on my Razer BlackWidow Ultimate mechanical keyboard and on my IKEA Galant desk) there is no noticeable movement of the screen whats-so-ever.  The stand puts the screen at a good height for me, and tilts to the perfect angle.  It does not allow for rotation or lift, however.  There are replacement stands out there that let you do that. Personally, I plan on replacing it eventually with a VERSA LCD Arm in the future anyway, but even if I wasn’t, I couldn’t say that the stand bothers me at all.  Unless you need height adjustment or rotation, use a cardboard box for a desk or type with sledge hammers, I don’t see it being an issue.  Onwards to the Bezel!

For those super hardcore modders out there thinking about maybe firing up some nVidia Surround or AMD Eyefinity setup, you’re probably wondering about the bezel size on the QNIX QX2700.  To put it bluntly, it isn’t small.  I were planning on going with a triple monitor set up using this monitor, I’d have to seriously consider debezeling as an option.  If I go that route in the future you can bet it’ll be covered here on ModCrash.com 🙂  Here are some pictures with a measuring tape of the side and bottom of the bezel.  The top is the same as the sides, so even mounted vertically you’re looking at a pretty big gap between screens.  The buttons for operation of the monitor are also located on the bottom of the bezel, so for vertical triple-screening you’ll need to relocate the controls as well.  Something to keep in mind if you plan on going that route in a vertical orientation.

qnix QX2700 LED review bezel sideqnix QX2700 LED review bezel bottom

 For good measure, here’s a picture of the inputs- Of note is that it only has a single Dual DVI input- no HDMI or anything else, which supposedly reduces input lag.  Does it? No clue.  Also you can see the audio input and output jacks, which are for the built in stero speakers which I am not nor ever plan on using.

qnix QX2700 LED review inputs

QNIX QX2700 LED 27″ Testing and Comparisons:

My testing methodology for this monitor was as follows:  Use my old monitor to watch a scene from a movie (How to Train Your Dragon in this case), play the opening of Battlefield 3’s mission Going Hunting, which features quite a bit of very nice visuals, followed by doing the same tests on the new monitor as well as pulling up some all red, all blue, all green screens and web browsers just to compare.  I’ll start with the comparison pics-  Note that these were taken at different times of the day and my little point and shoot camera doesn’t do everything justice here:

How To Train Your Dragon:

Old LG Flatron:
qnix QX2700 LED review old LG flatron w2353V movie

QNIX QX2700 LED 27″

qnix QX2700 LED review movie

Thoughts: Though it doesn’t really show in the pictures (Due to the aforementioned camera and lighting situation) the colors, vibrance, and quality of the QNIX QX2700 LED 27″ defeated my old LG Flatron 23″ by far.


Typical web browser test:

Old LG:

qnixQX2700 LED review old LG flatron w2353V browser

QNIX QX2700 LED 27″:


qnix QX2700 review browser2

Thoughts: Again, I wish the camera did it justice here, but the qnix QX2700 really does a fantastic job in this department.  If anything negative is to be said I would say that the whites are ever so slightly cooler then then whites on the old monitor.  That’s not to say it’s bad, I’m looking at a mostly white CMS screen right now and think it looks fantastic, maybe the old monitor just looked warm and I didn’t realize it.

Battlefield 3:


qnix QX2700 LED review old LG flatron w2353V bf3

QNIX QX2700 LED 27″:

qnix QX2700 LED review bf3


Thoughts: The QNIX QX2700 LED 27″ really shines in gaming in my opinion.  I’ve fired up so many old games just to look at how they look on this monitor, both because of the vibrance and the resolution being so much higher (2560×1440).  I really, really wish the pictures did it justice here and but I think the only way to really get it is so see it for yourself.

Standard boring color tests:

qnix QX2700 LED review blueqnix QX2700 LED review greenQNIX qz2700 red screen

Thoughts: Not really much to say here, just loaded up a fullscreen photoshop file in each color.  I was actually using it to check for stuck pixels, which I didn’t find any, but thought I’d include it here just in case someone somewhere thought it to be useful.


QNIX QX2700 LED 27″: Conclusion and final thoughts:

Before this review I was fairly happy with my old monitor, but really wanted to upgrade to the world of IPS and 2560×1440.  I’m glad I did, and I do not regret my decision to buy the QNIX QX2700 LED 27″ one bit.  For my wants and needs (gaming, occasional movie, web browsing) it far exceeds what the price tag leads you to believe.  I was originally planning on getting 3 and doing surround, but honestly the real estate you get from a single 27″ running at 2560×1440 really makes me want to reconsider it.

The downsides would be the stand and the bezel, clearly.  The stand for my needs again is not a problem but I can see how some hulk-smash typers or other folks might be bothered by it, and the bezel is really kind of thick and ugly.  Neither of these detract at all from it’s performance, and for me it’s damned near perfect.  If I ever get a higher quality camera or video camera, I’ll have to film them side by side, you’ll truly be astounded by the quality difference.

I would recommend this to anyone looking for a single monitor set up that is both cheap and will blow their socks off.  I would not recommend it to beginners wanting to do Nvidia Surround or AMD Eyefinity as the bezel will require some modding for optimal performance in those areas.

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